WANTED: Christopher Nicholoff

We used to post this guy on here, after that he show up and paid a little bit of the money for us but he disapeared again until now
His name: Christopher Nicholoff
Nationality: Canada
So he always tell us that he didn’t have any job, no didn’t have any money. Before he forgot his bike at the front gate of his house but lucky for him that the landlord took it for him but they didn’t know who bike was. So they kept it in the garage. So when he didn’t see the bike there anymore, he just keep silent, he didn’t told us anything and trying to disapear. He even cry in front of our face and begging us to give him a chance to pay the money but he didn’t pay any at that time. The last time we posted him here was nearly a year ago, and on that time he show up and pay just a little bit of the money hew owe and we also help him to found the bike and he promise that he will come and pay again but once again he disapeared until now. We still have his Zalo but he never reply us. So we decide to post him again. And want to ask everyone if there are anyone know where he lives, where he works please let we know. We also know that he always flirting girls on Tinder and tell them that he is very rich and fancy but the truth that he very poor and didn’t have money to paid his debt.
Michael, if you can read that, we give you 1 day to reply our zalo or contact us, and come to our shop at No 45 alley 464 Au Co to have a converstation!
Thanks you guys a lot for reading. And please inform us anything you know about this guys! Appriciate

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