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Dear all customers, friends, locals or expats!
This post is for all of you! Don’t miss it cause it really important!
It’s December now. Nearly Christmast and New Year now. First thing i wish all the best, all the luck will come to you guys. I am very appriciate that i have your support for such a long time now.
Secondly, this is important so please kindly read it! So at this time of the year, will have many many bike thief go to the road and want to steal your motorbike. You think the steering lock can stop them? You think that with the key lock cover will make difficult for them? You’re totally wrong! The steering lock and the key cover is nothing with the bike thief. The steering lock they can easily break it in 3 second, The key lock cover they don’t care about it so much cause they can walk your bike, they don’t need to start it.
So what we can do with the thief?
The answer is we add more protection to our bike. Still use the steering lock and the key cover. But we add more lock in the bike. And the best lock we can do is the U lock. The thief can’t cut the U lock cause it made very hard, cut it won’t be easy, if they want to cut it they must use very very big tools to cut and with that everyone will know that they want to steal your motorbikes. The U lock also very easy to use, you can use it to lock the front wheel or even the back wheel. Or you can lock both of the wheel with 2 lock for more protection haha
And the lock is not expensive. Actually it very cheap. We are selling it for only 100.000vnd each at our office for the normal one. For the all metal one we selling for 150.000vnd. So come and take a lock, protect your motorbike!
Here the price again:
Normal U lock: 100.000vnd
Full Metal U lock: 150.000vnd
Our working hour:

  • Morning: 8am to 12pm
  • Evening: 1:30pm to 6pm
  • Lunch break: 12pm to 1:30pm
    Office 1 (Main Shop): No.51 Trinh Cong Son Street, Nhat Tasn Ward, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi (near the Water park in West Lake) ( )
    Office 2: No.45 Alley 464 Au Co Street, Nhat Tan Ward, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi ( )
    Tel/ Zalo/ Whatsapps: +84.36.998.6789
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